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Must see things at Wat Phra Kaew, Grand Palace

Wat Phra Kaew, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is located within the Grand Palace
and is revered as the most valuable temple in Bangkok. It was completed in 1784 and
has been attracting crowds since then. We found a nice tour guide app focused on inside
of the Bangkok’s Grand Palace. We recommend you to download it from Apple and Android stores.

1.Temple of the Emerald Buddha:
This magnificent temple has all of the typical architectural features of a Buddhist monastery
but without the residential quarters. That’s because no monks actually reside here. The
most important building inside the monastery is the ubosot, which is a chapel or ordination
hall. The Emerald Buddha rests inside.
The eaves in the temple are lined with bronze bells which tinkle when a breeze passes,
creating a beautiful and serene atmosphere in the temple.
2. Guardians of the Wat Phra Kaew:
The first sights you'll see upon entering Wat Phra Kaew are two 5 meters high yaksha,
or giants with origins in Hindu/Buddhist mythology. These two giants are known as
Suriya-phop and Inthroachit, and they are the guardians of the temple.

Within the compound you will see other famous mythological creatures, snakes lining the
steps leading to the temple, the sacred half-human-half/half bird Garuda, and lions sitting
on gateposts.

3. Garuda and Nagas lining the outside wall:
Here you see the mythical garuda, a part human, part bird species and the naga, or
snake, lining the outside wall of the ordination Hall of the Emerald Buddha. The Garudas
are huge and powerful but benevolent beings. They have been used as a symbol of royalty
since King Rama the VI. You will see the powerful, omnipresent Garuda perched on official
buildings, on banknotes, passports and all official documents.

4. Kinnaree:
The Kinnaree are believed to belong to a group of perfectly beautiful sisters who have wings
and tails and can fly between the human and mystical worlds. Throughout Thai history, the
kinnaree has always been an ideal of thai beauty and quality. It is often used as a symbol of

If you go to see a traditional Thai dance show, you may see them performing a popular myth
regarding the kinnaree named Manora who was kidnapped from the Himaphan forest to
marry a prince.
5. Giant Demon (Yaksha):
There are 12 yaksha, or demons, protecting the Wat Phra Kaew. In spite of their fierce
appearance, they are charged with taking care of precious things.
The Yaksha is not always given demon faces; they can be quite beautiful. There are
guardian Yaksha but also evil Yaksha who haunt wild places and devour travelers.

6. The Hermit:
As you enter the Wat Phra Kaew, you see a stone statue of a hermit. He is seated, with
a mortar and pestle set before him. The Thai believe that he has special healing powers.
He is considered a patron of medicine. Visitors with ill family and friends pay homage and
make offerings.

Behind the hermit is a consecrated tower holding a ringed chedi that Rama IV brought
back from one of his journeys to the north.
These are only a few of the beautiful points of interest that await you in the Grand Palace. Make sure you download the Action app (now available on both Apple and Android!) and explore this Palace to your heart’s desire.

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