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Enjoy a stress-free journey to Shatrunjaya hills with Palitana tour app

Shatrunjaya hills in Palitana are the holiest place of Jains in India and are situated in Gujarat. Thousands of devotees visit the temple every year throughout the world. The place is a must visit with hundreds of Jain Temples situated on hills of Shatrunjaya. There are several Dharamshalas in the town and you can stay there if you are visiting Jain Derasar this year. Shatrunjaya is the most sacred place for Jain pilgrims and devotees visiting these temples is like having a great spiritual journey. Main Jain temple of Adishwar is located on the hills and there are about 3400 steps leading to the heavenly temple.

Shatrunjaya and Palitana are one of the main five pilgrims for Jains and you can explore all the 900 temples situated in the hills for an incredible divine journey towards peace and tranquility. Several stories are linked with each temple and if you want to know more about the,  then your virtual guide is at your fingertips with Palitana mobile tour app, which can be downloaded in your mobile phone or tablet easily and is loaded with audios, images of Jainism and maps to instruct you in the journey.

Travel to Jain temples on Shatrunjay hill can be made stress-free with Palitana mobile tour app which is available for both Apple and Android phones. Some of the features of the app.
·         You can locate temples on the Shatrunjay hill with the map in the app.
·         There are several audios and images in the app to help you in travelling around the place.
·         There are several stories, music and historical information in the app which keeps you informed about the place you are visiting.
·         The app is user friendly and easy to use.
·         This app is loaded with religious and spiritual pictures which can be shared with your family or friends.

There are several images of Jainism in the app along with tales from the past, which enrich your knowledge about Jain temples. You can hear stories about all the significant structures situated on the hills of Shatrunjaya through this app.  This user friendly app can be used by anyone effortlessly and it is your personal guide throughout the journey. App has mulitple languages for your ease and you can read the scripts or hear the audios in your preferred language.

Know more about Shatrunjay Hill and Palitana with the Help of Palitana App

Palitana is considered as a holy pilgrimage for Jain. The Shatrunjay Hill is located in Palitana at 591 meters and is the largest temple for Jain. You can reach Shatrunjay by climbing a distance of 4 km either by walking or through lift chairs. The view from the top of the Shatrunjay Hill is spectacular. Here one can smell the fragrance of Jasmine. The beautiful temples located on the hill are decorated with silver and gold which are donated by people to the temple. The local legend state Adinatha, the first Jain Tirth visited the temple many times and his son erected the first temple.

 If you are planning to visit Shatrunjay Hill in Palitana Gujarat, the Palitana app can be quite useful. The app is available for both Android and Apple. It has complete `information about the area and stories about the history of the Palitana pilgrimage. The app also guides you with a detailed map to reach your destination. You can explore the entire area with the help of the Palitana app. With Bhavyatra now on your phone, you have access to know about the legends of the Jain pilgrimage. It will be your personal guide to assist during the entire tour. With an easy interface, the app gives you all information on your fingertips. The app also provides information about Mandodri. 

Using the Palitana app tourist can explore various Tirths of Jain in India which are build many years ago. Very famous tirth is Paithana Jain Tirth in Gujrat. It was built thousand years back when the stone made idols were not made. People of Palitana believe that Ram, Sita and Laxman worship here. This Palitana app will help you to make out the numerous places related to Jain Tirth Some of them are Trimandir, Vardhman Shah Temple, Simandhar Swami Jain temple etc.

You can easily reach Palitana which is well connected by road with Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad and Porbandar. A visit to Palitana will guide you about the Jain Tirth and Mandodri

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Enjoy the Bangkok Grand Palace tour with this awesome mobile tour guide app

Grand Palace in Bangkok is the holiest shrine of Thailand as the famous statue of Emerald Buddha
is placed in the temple Wat Phra Kaew situated inside the palace. The palace is spectacular and 
dazzling with magnificent grandeur and was once the home to the royal family of Thailand. There is
an app available which will guide you throughout the palace. The place is stunning with awesome
architecture infused with intricate detailing and showcases the craftsmanship and creativity of Thai 

There are other administrative departments in the Grand palace like the mint, state departments, and the Thai war ministry. The place is now used for various royal ceremonies and festivals. It is divided into several quarters: The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Outer Court, the Middle Court the Inner Court and the Siwalai Gardens quarter. The Grand Palace is currently partially open to the public as a museum, but it remains a working palace, with several royal offices still situated inside.
The palace area is extremely vast and you might get confused roaming around the building. Before visiting the place you can download the app designed for Bangkok Grand Palace tour, which helps you in exploring the entire palace with complete information and detail of places inside the palace. You can download it for both Apple and Android phones. The app is loaded with many silent features as below:
  • There are 3D maps in the app which helps you navigate throughout the palace and you can witness all the places of interest properly.
  • Nice and clear audios are loaded into the app and you can get all the information through the audio clips.
  • The app has beautiful images of all the sites and you can visualize them live with its help.
  • There are scripts for every places with complete description.
  • The app works even without an internet connection so stop worrying about internet.

The place is a must visit during your Thailand vacation and it is an amazing experience which you will behold in your heart forever. So enjoy the Bangkok grand palace tour with this app and explore the amazing place with great zest.
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Witness the Grand Palace with awesome app

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a perfect holiday destination! Full of a mix of history and adventure, it’s the perfect stop for visitors of all ages and types. Get the most out of your app tour by downloading the Bangkok Grand Palace Tour Guide App on your Apple or Android device before you go.
Emerald Buddha Temple
The Grand Palace isn’t a single palace but rather a collection of temples, royal residences, and administrative buildings. The most important is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, also known as the Wat Phra Kaew. This temple is considered one of the most sacred Buddhist Temples in the world and is visited by millions every year. It houses the famous statue of the Emerald Buddha, the religious emblem of both the Thai royalty and Buddhists. It is said that the Emerald Buddha brings prosperity wherever he resides. The Buddhists and Thai people consider it their protector.
If you plan on visiting the Grand Palace and the Temple, be sure to check the dress code limits. The restrictions are strict – no open shoulders, open shoes, or tight-fitting clothing.
Tour Guide App
The tour guide app for the Grand Palace and the Temple is available for Android and Apple devices. It works as both a tour guide and a GPS-enabled map. The visitor who downloads the app simply has to walk around the complex – the app automatically knows where they are and pops up with the narrated story of the building they’re looking at. The visitor has a hands-free audioguide experience. The GPS map works completely offline, so the visitor doesn’t have to worry about maintaining a wifi or data connection during their visit.
To get the most out of the app and your visit to Bangkok’s Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple, download the Tour Guide App today!

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Download Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile Tour App and Have an Amazing Tour

If you’re planning on visiting Bangkok for your upcoming vacation, then don’t miss visiting Wat Phra Kaew within the Grand Palace. The Wat (temple) houses the Emerald Buddha, arguably Thailand’s most famous statue. It’s smaller than you’d imagine – only about 26 inches high. It’s made out of a single block of pure jade and features the Buddha seated in a meditating posture.
Grand Palace Bangkok Mobile Tour Guide App
“Oh but I’m not interested in seeing boring temples and statues!” you say? Don’t worry – the story of the Emerald Buddha is more like that of an action movie. The statue’s “history” involves battles, dangerous ocean voyages, jealous kings, and raging elephants. To easily explore the Grand Palace and hear the Emerald Buddha’s thrilling stories, download the Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile Tour Guide App before you go.
The tour guide app is available for both Apple and Android and features:
  • 3D map to guide you to each significant site
  • Audio stories for each site, with accompanying scripts (for those who prefer to read)
  • Total offline functionality (doesn’t require wifi or data once downloaded)
  • Recommended route as well as flexible choose-your-own-route options
  • “Know Before You Go” helpful tips before you visit the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha
  • Easy to use functionality to replace any guidebooks or tour guides
  • Nice images to share with family and friends
Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile Tour Guide App
Download the app for Apple and Android today and enjoy your visit to the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok!

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Wat phra Dress Code and other essential information

Bangkok is full of religious sites and temples, and you’ll probably visit a handful of them while you’re in the city. These places are rich in history and tradition and are highly significant for the Thai people. As important as it is to visit these places, it is also essential that you respect and follow the norms that are designed for each place.
Wat Phra Kaew dress code
One of the most famous religious places in Bangkok is the Emerald Buddha Temple. This is located on the grounds of the Grand Palace, the city’s most popular tourist attraction. The temple dates back to the 15th century, while the surrounding Grand Palace was only constructed in 1782.
The Dress and Shoe Code Inside the Emerald Buddha Temple
Just like any other religious place, if you visit the Grand Palace or Temple of the Emerald Buddha, you have to follow certain rules. These strict guidelines apply to anyone who want to enter the grounds. The Wat Pho dress code applies to both men and women, and excludes:
  • Miniskirts or short skirts (skirts that end below the knee are ok)
  • Shorts or ¾ length trousers (only full length trousers allowed)
  • Tights or tight-fitting trousers
  • Shirts that are see-through or transparent
  • Sleeveless vests or shirts, shirts with rolled-up sleeves, exposed shoulders
  • Sandals that do not include heel straps or ankles (ex. flip flops)
  • Pajamas, sweatpants, or sweatshirts
  • Clothes with holes (includes ripped t-shirts or jeans)
In short, if you’re modestly and respectfully dressed, you’ll be fine. If the guards do not approve however, all is not lost! The Grand Palace has a stall inside the entrance where you can borrow proper dress in exchange for a small deposit.
More Dress Code Tips on the Mobile App
Today, mobile apps have become extremely convenient. This app for Apple and Android is specifically designed for tourists and travellers visiting the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple, and for those who want to be well prepared for their visit. The Grand Palace Bangkok Guide Mobile App is available for both Android and Apple. In this mobile app, you will also get more information on the Wat Phra Kaew dress code as well as information on the timings for attractions (National Museum, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Chang Pier), the code of conduct, and the do’s and don’ts while visiting each place. Download the app today and be prepared!

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The history of Emerald Buddha

The Emerald Buddha statue in Bangkok is world-renown. Revered in Thailand and beyond, the statue is said to protect whoever holds it – and to bring them enormous power and good luck. Is this a myth, or fact? The only thing we know for sure is that the Emerald Buddha has caught the eye of kings and commoners alike since it was discovered. It’s been at the center of wars, insurrections, and espionage. It’s traveled from India to Cambodia and everywhere in between. The only thing it lacks now is the starring role in a ‘Mission Impossible’ movie! To hear the thrilling tales of the Emerald Buddha’s rediscovery and subsequent adventures, download the Bangkok Grand Palace app here.
While the Emerald Buddha statue’s adventures (and misadventures) since its rediscovery are verifiable historical facts, to hear it’s origin story you’ll have to venture into the world of myths and legends… It is said that an Indian Buddhist sage, Nagasena, wanted to spread the teachings of the Buddha across India and the surrounding lands. He created the statue with divine help from Vishnu and Indira. To hear the entire legend, download the Grand Palace app for Apple and Android. While much of the legend cannot be proven, historical records verify that Nagasena was a real monk who lived and preached in India. Additionally, the Emerald Buddha’s seated, meditating position is uncommon in Thailand but is typical of Indian design. Perhaps the legend is true after all… you’ll just have to hear it all and decide for yourself!
Today, the statue of the Emerald Buddha is safely housed within the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which itself is within the Grand Palace of Bangkok. Surrounding the statue, all around the walls of the temple, are various carvings and paintings. These depict scenes from the life of the Buddha – in his human form, his animal form, and even from his past lives. When you’re planning your trip to Bangkok, be sure to leave enough time to properly appreciate these carvings as well as the famous statue.
The mobile app that can help you
If you’re planning on visiting Thailand, you must stop to see the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. And you must download this app before you go! It’s got amazing stories of the statue and temple, but it also has much more. You can use the app in lieu of a guidebook or a tour guide or even an audio guide – it is all of that, and more. The app has some amazing stories and history, clear directions to keep you on track, easy handling for those uncomfortable with technology, and 3D maps to show you the way. Plus, you can skip around to the really interesting stories and buildings and ignore the parts you find boring – essentially, make your own path if you don’t want to follow the suggested route!
The app is designed for Apple and Android devices, works offline once downloaded (no need for wifi or data), and is perfect for folks who don’t have time to waste in long lines or on sub-par tour guides. In this app, you’ll get both the perfect tour guide and unlimited flexibility in taking the tour.

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A guide to the Great Palace Map

The Grand Palace in Bangkok was once the official residence of the Thai king, site of the royal court, and administrative seat of the government. Today, the residential and administrative functions of the Palace are at a minimum and it instead functions as the spiritual heat and symbolic seat of power for the Kingdom of Thailand.
To understand the hodge-podge layout of the Grand Palace, take a look at the Grand Palace Map. The map indicates which parts of the Palace are open for visitation and which parts are closed to the public.
The Other Court
The Outer Court is open to the public. As you walk through the entry gate, you’ll find yourself in the Outer Court. The buildings here are used for various administrative and government functions, as well as some departments of the Royal Household.
A stone pathway takes you to another courtyard. Directly to the left is the Emerald Buddha Temple, or Wat Phra Kaew. This is the most sacred and important temple in Thailand – so if you’re planning on just visiting one temple, let this be the one. The Royal Family considers this their personal chapel. It is also the only temple in Thailand that does not house monks.
The courtyard is full of beautiful architectural details and intricate designs. Along the walls you’ll even find a mural of the ‘Ramakien’ – an epic tale of good versus evil, demons versus gods, family feuds, and eternal love. The tale is adapted from the Hindu legend ‘Ramayana’.
A stone pathway takes you to the Middle Court, passing under the Phimanchaisri Gateway. The King would meet honored guests in the Middle Court, and conduct business there. Parts of this Court are not currently open to the public. The oldest building in this court is the Throne Hall, which is open to the public on weekdays. Closer to the exit is the Museum.
The Museum is full of wonderful artifacts connected to the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha. You’ll be able to see the statue’s old robes and costumes. You’ll also find old maps of the Grand Palace, detailing its growth over the years. The Museum also has an Armory of past weapons and war equipment.
Tour Guide App
One of the best ways to understand and explore the Grand Palace is to download the Bangkok Grand Palace Tour Guide App, available for both Android and Apple devices. The app gives you an interactive, GPS-aware map of the Palace as well as geo-located narration and audio recordings at specific sites. This means that the app doubles as a guidebook, tour guide, and audio-guide, all in one.
Simply download the app and then start walking through the Grand Palace – the app will automatically speak up and direct you where to walk, and then tell you what you’ll see, and then allow you to delve deeper (or move on!) based on your interest level. The app will guide you from stop to stop, ensuring that you get a cohesive, entertaining, and informative tour of the Grand Palace while allowing you the flexibility of making your own tour schedule.
Best of all, the app design is very user-friendly. It’s so simple there’s no need for a “help” page – simply click “next” or “back” to move forward/back, hit “play” or “pause”, read the script by clicking on the transcript icon, or go to the map by selecting the “map” icon. Keep in mind that once the app is downloaded, it works completely offline – so you don’t have to worry about a wifi connection or an international data plan. It’s so easy to use, your grandma could do it!
So download today and enjoy your visit to Bangkok’s Grand Palace!

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