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Enjoy Grand Palace Bangkok with a guide at your fingertips

Bangkok is a sprawling metropolis, crowded with cars, tourists, and sights. The vibrant city is a mishmash of cultures, religions, and traditions, where trendy nightlife spots abutt traditional temples and tourist traps colliding with genuine travel experiences. The jewel in its crown is undeniably the Grand Palace, home to both Thai royalty and the legendary Emerald Buddha.
A visit to Bangkok isn’t complete without a visit to the Thailand Grand Palace, and a visit to the Grand Palace isn’t complete without the Grand Palace Tour Guide App. The app is a tour guide, guidebook, audio guide, and local expert, all rolled into one. As you walk through the Grand Palace, the app narrates the tale of what you’re looking at and why it matters. The narration is entertaining without exaggerating, a pleasing blend of history and humor. Tour-lovers and tour-haters alike will enjoy this tour.
The app is GPS-aware, so it knows where you are, and is able to tell you where to go next. As you approach an interesting building or monument, the app will automatically begin narrating it’s story – so your hands are always free! The app will also display a photo or video of what it’s talking about, so that you know what to look for, or allow you to “go behind-the-scenes” or “see into the past”.
You’re probably thinking that all of this is a giant data-drain. Well, there’s good news for you – the entire app works offline once it’s downloaded. You won’t need wifi or data at all – and the GPS functionality will still work.
Best of all, you can either use the app as a map to go to the spots you’re interested in hearing about, or instead as a guide and follow the recommended route to hear about everything along the way – you have total flexibility! You won’t have to abide by a tour group’s timetable or be rushed along from a really interesting spot.
The app also has tons of extra “layers” of history, intriguing stories, or “how tos” for each stop. If you find something really fascinating, you can choose to “Learn More” and dive deeper into the details; if not, you’re free to move on. Best of all… all of this additional content doesn’t disappear, so you’re free to access it before and after your visit!
Plus, the app’s easy-to-use interface makes it totally intuitive to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, or restart each narration. You can also easily skip to the next stop, go back to the previous one, or jump around to a random stop. You can even read instead of listening, if that’s what you prefer! The app is so easy to use that your grandma could do it (we know; we tested it on ours).
The app is available for both Android and Apple. Some other awesome features include:
  • Awesome images – use to identify what you’re looking at, view historical photos, or see “behind the scenes” images
  • 3D maps – don’t get lost, pick what to see, and have a handy GPS-live map
  • Narrated audio for each stop – learn, laugh, and enjoy listening
  • Read along – scripts are available for those who don’t want to listen
  • Travel tips – so you can be cautious about certain things inside the Grand Palace
  • No need for internet connectivity – so you don’t have to worry for internet while enjoying the tour
  • The app has details like Emerald Buddha opening hours,dress code and may more.
The Grand Palace, and the revered Temple of the Emerald Buddha within it, continues to be the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom. Make sure you’ve downloaded its tour guide app before you go. Click here for more info on Tour Guide App.

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Do bus tour operators know who rides their busses ?

Do bus tour operators know who rides their busses ?
Do museums know who visits them ?
Do theatres know who are their customers ?
Bus tour operators do not know anything about their customers. Sure, the driver meets the visitors but there is no data on them. Without that knowledge, how can Bus management fine tune their tours to become more appropriate for different groups. It is essential to know more info of the visitors – name, email, age, location and gender at a minimum.
tour-bus apps
 These are very critical questions for any business. However, getting these answers are very difficult. Well, it WAS very difficult. Now, there is a new way !
 Mobile tour guide apps is the answer !
 While all visitors download a mobile tour guide app to hear the stories of the city or museum, they do not realize that while logging on the app, it asks them to register using FB or basic questions such as emails etc. Facebook login gives the bus tour operator vital information about who is riding their busses…. Name, email, age, gender and location.
 This data can be analyzed to prepare specific tours to focus on the age groups, gender or location. It also helps to get their email address to announce next promotion or new products. Overall, it is a great way to start building your database and increase value of your business.
 Next time, someone asks you “do you know who is riding your busses ?” You can be proud to say YES.
Author: Ushma Shah founder of Action Data Systems and Manoj Ganguli General Manager at Action Data Systems, developer of Action tour apps on smartphones. Action Data Systems is headquartered in Barrington, Rhode Island with a regional office in Mumbai India. Action Data Systems helps museums, attractions and bus tour operators to create Apple and Android tour guide apps to increase tourist engagement, improve ratings & reviews and generate new revenue from mobile e-commerce.
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Visiting scenic areas with a self-guided driving tour on a mobile app

Mobile apps have opened up a brand new way of visiting scenic areas.

Traditionally, visitors had two options to drive through a scenic area: take a group tour bus with a guide to relate stories and answer questions, or drive on their own through the route while foregoing the guide’s information. Both of these have its own challenges ….
Group tour bus with a guide:
This option allows you to hear interesting stories and see important landmarks along the route. However, there is no flexibility – you have to conform to the tour’s date and timing. Furthermore, the tours are often large, and full of people with diverse interests, which can erode some of the trip’s charm.
self driving tour without a guide:
This option gives you complete flexibility and independence. You can go wherever you’d like, when you’d like, and spend as long as you’d like at each stop. However, you often have to follow inconvenient print-out directions and don’t get to hear about interesting stories and landmarks along the route in great detail.

Mobile driving tour guide app solution:
The best solution would be a private, personal tour guide who can sit in a your own car and act as tour guide and navigator. And that’s exactly what a mobile app driving tour does! It offers the entire tour on your own phone, controlled by GPS. As you drive pass any interesting location, the auto-play audio recording narrates the story the location while you are still in the car. It also shows you pictures (so that you recognize the spot), gives you a script (if you prefer to read instead of listen), and gives you navigation instructions to the next location (along with built-in Google Maps to help you drive). Mobile driving tour guide apps combine the best of bus tours and self-guided tours, and you can access them right from your own phone.
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How making your own Driving tour app can help you get more customers!

As the owner of any attraction, a park, museum or even a tourism company, you always want to gift the best of experiences for your visitors.  This also means increase in user engagement and a big push to your revenue.  All this can be easily achieved with the help of your own driving attraction tour app. People prefer using apps for completing their daily chores from paying bills to shopping, and a tour app for today’s smartphone savvy population will help them derive more from the visit. ActionTourGuide fits in the role very well and makes your attraction brand appear sleek,  and professional and modern.

The app takes care of your visitors from the very first moment they enter your premises. Don’t worry about WiFi or Cell signal, as once downloaded, it can work without any internet connection. Let your visitors buy virtual e-tickets through the tour app. It will save your money on ticket counter, plus it will eliminate lines queues and provide a hassle-free experience for the visitors.
Inside your  an indoor location, you can make your guests feel extra comfortable by helping them navigate through your site on a fixed path with the help of the app’s tour buttons like “Play”, “Pause”, “Next”, and “Back”. You can also let them move the way they want, but guide them to reach the right tour spot. The driving attraction tour app can recognize visitors’ their right position and direct them correctly. Visitors can get complete overview of the place around them through the “Overview Map” button which shows entire floor plan and the “You Are Here” icon shows their exact location.
Outdoor tours can also be managed perfectly with the app. It makes use of GPS technology present in every smartphone to track the visitors. When a visitor is close to a tour stop, the app helps them to reach the place without getting diverted in the wrong direction. This is made possible with a Google map image which has all the tour stops marked with “pins”. The individual using the app can see their own location as a moving blue dot.
ActionTourGuide ensures your visitors don’t miss out any attraction. It will guide them on the right direction, if they ever get lost. Finally, when the tour is over, the attraction driving tour app can request them to provide their valuable suggestions or rate their experience. Based on their experience, app can they may be also requested to make donations through the app. Let your visitors take home back a piece of their beautiful experience in the form of souvenirs. The app can also be used to set up a souvenir store and will be a major attraction for the tourists.
With so much to offer, the app will be a definite hit among the users and attract local sponsorship’s or advertisements. Revenue from advertisements will be an addition to your income. Overall, signing up with Investment in ActionTourGuide can generate attractive returns in more ways than you can imagine.
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Create your own custom Driving tour app to elevate your Travel Business

Going the “Driving Tour App” way is the latest and most effective solution to bring the best attractions of from your scenic place, museum, theme park, landscape or any large attraction other great place you own, at the forefront. If you are worried about WiFi or cellular internet, you can use invest in a GPS enabled Driving Tour App that works well for both indoor and outdoor locations. It is a simple app that has been designed to work flawlessly on mobile touch screens and supports scrolling and swiping. Businesses involved with outdoor tours covering large areas can get this app for their multiple tours for different locations. Whether your site is located in a remote area or surrounded by stone masonry, the app will work perfectly as there is no need for internet signals once it is downloaded.

Every smartphone comes with GPS, a technology that uses satellite tracking. With this technology it is possible to locate the smartphone as well as any physical location on earth. The driving tour app should be downloaded by the guest before the visit so that it can be configured for complete off-line usage. Once the visitor enters the location, the satellite is “pinged” and the tour begins automatically. The visitors are guided from one tourist stop to the next ensuring they don’t lose track or get deviated. When a visitor approaches a tour stop, the app identifies their position and shows its exact location.
The app ensures that your visitors get to see all the places of interest and don’t miss out anything. A “Overview Map” button is included and users can tap on it to instantly to get an overview of the place around them.  Each and every tour stop is shown with “pins” on a facsimile Google Map. Alternatively, visitors can view all the tour stops in the form of list and jump from one stop to another. The GPS enabled maps will help them get to the spot they wish to explore. If you want them to follow a fixed path and visit the tours stops one after the other, you can do so with the “Play”, “Pause”, “Next”, and “Back” buttons incorporated within the Driving Tour App .
The Driving Tour App allows you to include as much content as you want. Interesting content in the app can capture the attention of your visitors easily and offer them a memorable experience. You will have visitors with different levels of interests. There can be casual visitors as well as knowledge seeking, detail oriented visitors, and you have to cater to both the types. For this you can have general content uploaded giving a brief background or history attached to the “main stop”. More enthusiastic visitors can explore further with information about the various elements of interest within the main stop.
The Driving Tour App  allows you to understand your customers better. As your visitors move, the app tracks them and takes note of the stops they paid special interest by listening to the audio-visual content and also takes note of the ones they left in the middle. You can learn which content is viewed downloaded and shared the most and which is not so popular among the visitors. The points where visitors tend to get lost more often can also be found. All the information can be used to improve the app and alchemize enhance the experience of your visitors.
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Reach The Tour Destination Easily By Using Driving Tour Apps

If you like driving yourself when you go sightseeing, the best driving tour app is the right choice for you. It allows people to enjoy a guided tour experience while remaining totally independent. Apart from that, the special kind of app is also used by a wide range of people. We strive at action show app that supports offline capability; GPS enabled maps, auto-play functionality and satellite tracking. 

We have started offering driving tour apps to guide visitors through attractions. When you decide to visit the destination through driving your vehicle, you want to just use the driving tour app in your mobile device. There are many reasons why you want to use the driving tour app builder  in the device. The first most reason is to find the destination easily without any delay. We offer this app with a lot of features helpful for those who like to visit the tourist destinations easily without any hassle.

Different ways are available to find the driving rout to reach the destination, but the special kind of driving tour app  is the right choice for you. People those who like to drive themselves to reach the tour destination; they want to access this app rightly. Lots of useful data and content will overwhelm a mobile friendly app. The app is optimized for mobile touch screens with scrolling and swiping features.

Download the mobile friendly app to make sure the driving tour is happier with your friends or family. People those who looking the best guides for reaching the tour destination through driving. The driving tour app is ideal choice to enjoy your driving with ease. Therefore, this is the right choice to enjoy your driving tour and use features of the app to get more benefits.
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Mobile Tour Guide Apps: Custom-Built Apps vs. Platform-Based Apps

Museums, parks, cities, and visitor attractions that want a mobile app as a tour guide for their attractions have two options: get one custom-built for your needs or use a platform- (or template -) based service. Both options have their pros and cons.
Both options create a tour guide app that your visitors download onto their own smartphones and use to take a tour or explore the space. But while the visitor’s interface is the same, the museum’s experience with building the app is vastly different.

The chart below lays out the basic differences between the two:

Custom-built tour guide app can be designed to look like your fantasy app. They are completely your own layout, design, and branding. Platform -based apps can still represent your branding, color scheme, and logos, but they are not fully flexible when it comes to the fundamental structural flow of the app. Nevertheless, most of the layouts you could imagine are possible.
Both types of tour guide apps can be directly downloaded from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore under your brand name with your logo as the app icon. Some platform-based app companies will require you to fold your tours into their existing app, so that visitors first download that company’s app, and then select your tour from within it. However, not all platform-based app companies require this.

Custom-built tour guide apps are built from scratch and require development and programming. Platform -based tour guide apps have a platform, or foundation, already developed and require minimal programming to launch a new app.
Launch Time
Custom-built tour guide apps will typically take a minimum of 6 months to launch. Platform-built tour guide apps can go live in 1 to 2 months.
Both custom-built and platform -based tour guide apps will require a time commitment and a resource commitment on your part. Unsurprisingly, custom-built apps require a larger commitment pre-launch for the design and development. They also require a larger commitment post-launch, because maintenance, upgrades, and changes are more idiosyncratic.
Since custom-built tour guide apps require more development and work than platform or template-based tour guide apps, they are naturally more expensive. Depending on the complexity of the features, custom apps can cost more than $15,000. Some platform-built apps can cost less than half as much.

Action Data Systems is a platform -based mobile tour guide app developer. We create apps for you that your visitors can download to take a tour. Our platform, ActionTourGuide, supports multiple tours, languages, mobile ticketing, gift – store, and sponsors.

Author: Manoj Ganguli, Marketing Strategist for Mobile platform at Action Data Systems, developer of ActionTourGuide apps on smartphones. Action Data Systems is headquartered in Barrington, Rhode Island with a regional office in Mumbai India. Action Data Systems helps museums, attractions and bus tour operators to create Apple and Android tour guide apps to increase tourist engagement, improve ratings, reviews and generate new revenue from mobile e-commerce.
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Who Wins? Mobile Apps vs. Mobile-Friendly Websites

In the past few years, the museum and tourism industry has “gone mobile” in two different ways: mobile-friendly websites and downloadable mobile apps. What is the difference, and which one is the better choice?
Mobile-friendly websites are still websites — they’ve just been adapted to look and function better on a smartphone or tablet. Mobile apps are downloaded from the iPhone/Android App Stores and appear as individual app icons on the phone’s home screen.
Let’s consider 6 key features:

1. Dependence on wifi or cell signal / ability to function offline:
While apps need to be connected to data to initially download, they can function completely offline after that (including GPS-location tracking). Mobile-friendly websites, on the other hand, have to be constantly “online”.
Winner: mobile app.

2. What content can it convey?
Lots of content and data will overwhelm a mobile-friendly website, causing it to load poorly on a phone and damaging the user experience. Mobile apps can be arbitrarily large, include information beyond that of a website, and are often used to replace audio-players and docents as a tour guide.
Winner: mobile app.

3. Which can be developed faster?
Optimizing a website to be mobile is faster than creating a mobile app. However, some template- or platform-based apps can go live as quickly as one month.
Winner: mobile-friendly website.

4. Which is easier to use?
Both are optimized for mobile touchscreens, with swiping and scrolling features. However, mobile-friendly websites have to download each new page that is visited, which can mean delayed loading and a slow experience. Mobile apps navigate instantly, although they have to be initially downloaded from the App Store.
Winner: mobile app.

5. Which is cheaper?
Building a website, or optimizing it for mobile, is a cheaper endeavor than creating a mobile app. However, choosing a template- or platform-based mobile app can be much more cost-effective than choosing to custom-build one.
Winner: mobile-friendly website.

6. Which is more interactive and intuitive?
Mobile apps can “connect” more closely with a user than a mobile-friendly website can: apps can be location-aware (can begin a process based on the user’s location), send notifications and alerts (based on time, interest, or location), and include interactive games. They can also generate revenue (eCommerce and in-app purchases) and attract sponsors. Winner: mobile app.

Mobile apps “win”! They are, however, costlier and more difficult to create. That’s where app developers like ActionTourGuide come in — we can create a mobile app for your visitor attraction without development costs. We support key app features like mobile tour guides and in-app eCommerce, among others. Go to to learn more and take advantage of our great value.

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