Monday, 22 January 2018

Make your Bangkok experience amazing with Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile tour app

Bangkok is a colorful city known for temples, rich culture, food, shopping and sightseeing. It is one of the top rated tourist destinations. The city has Grand Palace and several temples which add to its cultural attractions. To explore Grand Palace download the Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile Tour app.

                                                            Grand palace

Main sights to visit in Bangkok are Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho or Wat Arun. Wat Phra Kaew houses the Emerald Buddha, which is the most sacred sculpture in Thailand.

                                                                 Emerald Buddha

The Bangkok Grand Palace Tour can be made very interesting with Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile Tour app which can be downloaded on Android or Apple devices. Basic features of the app are:
v  The app has 3D map which guides you throughout the entire palace and prevents from getting lost.
v  The app is easy to access with a user-friendly interface.
v  No need to hire guides for sightseeing anymore as this app will guide with accurate information about the palace.
v  The app has nice images, you can share with family and friends.
v  The most wonderful thing is that the app works without an internet connection so no need to worry about losing your precious data.

                                          Bangkok Grand Palace tour

Bangkok Grand Palace Tour is the most lavish tour in Bangkok as you experience a great architectural wonder built by royals in Thailand. Emerald Buddha is the most respected sculpture in the country, which is an amazing sight to witness.