Thursday, 28 September 2017

Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand-a place you must visit once in your lifetime

The Grand Palace Bangkok is considered the most sacred and spiritual shrine of the country as the temple of the Green Buddha is situated within the premises. It is the most celebrated landmark with a maximum number of visitors every year and has magnificence which leaves everyone spellbound and awe struck. There is an app available for both apple and android which guides you throughout the Grand Palace Bangkok. Several areas inside the palace are open for public sightseeing, but there are some restricted areas which are not accessible for everyone.

The Outer Court is open for tourists which lead you to the middle court where several government offices are situated along with the mint and war ministry department. The temple of the Emerald Buddha is called Wat Phra Kaeo and it is a must visit place as it is the royal family’s personal chapel with no monks residing inside. You will witness striking architecture of temples inside the Grand Palace.

Are you getting confused already? Don’t worry, you can virtually visit the place in The Grand Palace Bangkok app and use it during the visit to guide you through the exploration. All you have to do is to download the app on your Android or Apple mobile phone and get going. Here are some benefits of the app:
·         It is your personal guide and provides you with images, audios and written information which guide you accurately.  
·         The app has a user-friendly interface and is simple to operate. 
·         It has 3D maps which guide you throughout the palace.
·         The app has nice images which you can share with family and friends.
·         With the list of places inside the app, you don’t miss out any important place.
·         You have all the information about temples, scriptures or other sites at your palm top.
·         It is your travel guide throughout the visit and provides several tips on exploring the place.

The place is guarded by statues of Demonic guards at the entrance and you feel elated viewing the enticing structure. There is a museum inside the palace where you can view several impressive artifacts along with Green Buddha costumes and accessories. Grand Palace Bangkok, Thailand is fascinating and enchanting and you will cherish it in your heart forever.

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