Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Make your Bangkok visit memorable with Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile Tour App

When visiting Bangkok, the Grande Palacio de Bangkok is a must visit.  There is an app available for Grand Palace Bangkok. Make your Palace visit memorable with Bangkok Grand Palace Mobile Tour App. The palace is spectacular with magnificent intricate architecture, which makes it as a legendary landmark. The Thai king and his family resided in the palace for many years, but now it has been converted into a tourist attraction. It is very close to the Thai people’s heart due to its spiritual importance.

The palace complex has several buildings of which, Wat Phra Kaew is of utmost importance. Emerald Thai Buddha has been enshrined in the temple and is considered very sacred by Thai People. Many auspicious ceremonies and occasions are still held in the palace complex. The public can visit only two throne halls where you will witness the marvelous and impressive detailing done on the structures.

To explore the Grande Palacio De Bangkok completely, you must use the Grand Palace Mobile Guide Tour App, which will make your trip informative and delightful. This app is available used on both Apple and Android.

Some beautiful features of the app are listed below:
  • It has an excellent user interface which provides details about all the details of the palace monument.
  • It has 3D- maps of all the places inside the palace, which helps your explore and you can take the complete tour without being confused or lost.
  • The app has nice images for all the monuments and you can share the images with friends and family.
  • No need for consistent data pack on the go, for this app, it works without the internet.
  •  Audio files and transcripts are packed in the app for easy understanding.

Emerald Thai or Wat Phra Sri RattanaSatsadaram is very auspicious for Thai people. Jade Buddha located in the temple has been carved out of a single block of jade stone with magnificent sculpting.

Make sure you reach the palace on time else your day will be wasted. The palace opens at 8.30 am till 3.30 pm. The tickets for the visit to Grande Palacio de Bangkok are sold during the same time. Men and women must wear fully covered clothes to enter the temple. No shoes are allowed inside the temple.
Check out the important tips before you visit Grand Palace.

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