Sunday, 14 May 2017

Take a trip to Gujarat and Explore the Palitana Pilgrimage

Are you planning to take a trip to Gujarat and visit Shatrunjay, Palitana? Palitana has plenty of taxis available. Typically, visitors take a taxi from Bhavnagar or Ahmedabad. The taxi costs are in the range of Rs 10/km. Palitana taxi’s has a good service for Jain Pilgrims.

Palitana has the highest number of Jain temples. Visit Palitana with your family and take divine blessings of the almighty. These temples are beautifully decorated with diamond, gold, and silver which make them look splendid. There are large numbers of in Palitana. There are hundreds of little motels called Jain Dharmshala or simply Dharamshala in Palitana. They generally go for $ 5 to $10 per room and are quite adequate for a few days. Some of these Dharmshalas offer air conditioning also.

By the way, there is an app available for Palitana Shatrunjay for Apple and Android. The Palitana app is very useful and comes handy during your visit to the Palitana pilgrimage. It has lots of stories about the Jain pilgrimage and local legends. The app has inbuilt maps which are useful to find out the direction. Exploring Palitana with the help of Palitana app is the best way. The best part of this app is that it does not require data connectivity to function. There are divine songs present in the app. You can also check the pictures of different temples on the app. 

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