Friday, 12 May 2017

Explore the Popular Jain temple with Palitana App

There are many Jain temple complexes in the country, but the one that is of great significance is the Jain Derasar at Shatrunjay, Palitana in Gujrat, India. This temple complex is visited not only by the Jain people but also by people of other religions in large numbers. It is a holy place where all Jains visit to find peace of mind and happiness. There are 853 temples in the Shatrunjay complex in Palitana and all of them are decorated beautifully. 

Now, there is an app for Palitana on Android and Apple. The Palitana app shows plenty of images of Jain temples and structures that surrounds the Shatrunjay hills. Using the app is easy on both Apple and Android phones. With the apps on your phone, going on a trip will be filled with a whole new level of happiness due to the knowledge that you will get from the app. Only with the app, you will get the most out of your trip.

Images of Jainism

Below are the features of this app
Ø  Clean "no-crowd" Images of Jainism of all the key points of the complex. 
Ø   11 step by step maps to guide to every significant structure. 
Ø  Full navigation help to guide the exact route to follow. 
Ø Beautifully narrated stories with music for each stop.

With this app, your visit can be a real fun filled, interesting and exciting.

The Palitana app is a must have on your phone to have the best experience.

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