Saturday, 1 April 2017

A walk on the grounds of the Royal Grand Palace will be a memorable one

One of the most significant things about Thailand is the Royal history and significance that it holds even today. The Thai Royal Palace is one of the most loved and cherished landmarks of Thailand, which is also known as the cultural and spiritual, home of Thailand. One of the main reasons why the Royal Palace is the most visited place in Bangkok is because of the beautiful Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This is the most significant temple that is known in Bangkok.

This is a temple, which has a very interesting past, and history that adds to the uniqueness and reason as to why people come here. If you look at the statue, it is of Buddha sitting in the lotus position and meditating, this is something that is not common to find in Thailand, what makes the history more interesting is that the speculations are that this statue must have been carved in India or Sir Lanka since this is a posture that is very popular in these two countries. Even the fine carvings of this statue give a very different touch, finish, and feel to it.

The Bangkok royal palace is, without a doubt, one of the most beautifully conceptualized palaces in the world. Every small detail has been considered while constructing the Palace. Right from ensuring that it has the fine architecture to the different artifacts and statues that are located across the Palace to even the Demon Guards at the entrance of the Temple; all blend in perfectly with each other.
The Palace on its own says the entire story in just the visualization of what it has to offer. Even the stupas, the scriptures, the sculptures, and every inch of placement that is there on the walls of the Grand Palace have something to say about the historic past. Each monarchy of the Royal Family has had their own share of the best side of the Palace. However, each of them also had the responsibility to ensure that the traditional values and cultures are passed down from one generation to anther and from one heir to another.

There are guards that protect the royal grand palace even today and even when there is a shift change, it is done in a proper and simonized manner. The routine is a very interesting one, which happens when one guard is going off his shift while the other is taking over. It is not just about switching places; however, the routine is a very special one, which holds significance. If you are lucky, you will get the opportunity to see the shifting of the guards and get to experience the routine yourself.
The dress code is something that has to be followed to when you are inside the grounds of the Grand Palace There are certain restrictions the type of clothing that is allowed inside the temple and it is essential that every visitors has to follow these rules. Failure to do will result in the person not being allowed to step into the temple.

Every section of the Grand Palace is very important and matters a lot. This is why it becomes more important to learn the history of the palace before you can step inside. There are certain parts which are accessible to the people who come there, however, some parts of the Grand Palace is totally off the radar for normal viewing.

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