Thursday, 16 March 2017

The privilege of seeing the previous home of the Thailand King

If you are in Bangkok, the one place that you need to stop is the Grand Palace. This beautiful, spectacular, and dazzling Palace is also the most famous landmark of the city. In 1782, the construction of the Grand Palace started which was at that time the Royal house of the King of Thailand. In this Palace, a lot of important discussions and talks have taken place. It was also the official building where the entire administration of the government once took place. Within the gates of the Grand Palace lies the most significant and important statue that has brought in a lot of good luck to the country and city. In the Grand Palais map, the area where this particular statue is placed is called the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

When you look at the architecture of the Grand Palace, it will blow your mind as the artisanship and designing sense is just spectacular. It also shows the artisanship and creativity of the Thai people. In the palace, there were separate sections, which is even significant today. You had the war ministry, the mint, and even the various departments of the state when you talk about the heart of the Kingdom of Thailand. This Palace is not just the national landmark but also indeed the heart of the country in every way. 

The Palace is not just the home to the Royal family and Government departments, but it is also the home to the Wat Phra Kaew that is the famously known as the Temple of the Green Emerald. This statue is dated to the 14th century. The reason it is called the Emerald Buddha is not that it is made in Emerald; however, it is because it is the color Green.

 In the Grand palace map, Bangkok you will get to know easily which part of the Palace was used for what purpose. The one thing you will notice about the interiors of the Palace and the Temple is that it is very distinctive in nature. The Palace has a European touch to the design while the Temple has a cultural and ethnic look to it. 

The statue is made from either Jade or Jasper and is done using just one big slab. His Majesty the Kind Of Thailand is the only person who is allowed to go close to the statue to change the robe during the summers, rainy, and winters. In the Buddhist calendar, the days when the robes are being changed is said to be the most important days and rituals. This ritual is said to be auspicious and is done in a ceremonial manner.
They layout is very similar to the Ayutthaya Palaces which was once the capital of Siam. However, the Burmese had raided the place. When you walk into the gates of the palace, you will be mind struck with the beauty of the palace. The outer Palace, which is still the offices for a few of the main departments of Thai Government, was once upon a time the only area where official matters took place. 

This included the treasury, the army, and civil administration. Out of the various throne halls of the Palace, only two of them are open during the weekdays for the public. The rest is not accessible at all for visitors apart from those who are authorized. 

The structures within the Grand Palace Bangkok are known to be spectacular and have a lot of historic significance. The inner court was the home to the King's daughters and royal consorts. This is not open to the public, however once upon a time, it was like a small city within the gates of the Palace, which had small boys and women. Once the boys came to the puberty age, they were shifted to another side of the Palace. 

The Grand place map at your finger tips

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