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The interesting History of Grand Palace

The grand palace history is a very interesting one, which goes back during the time King Rama I was ruling the kingdom. The construction of the Palace began on May 6, 1782, and was completed during the late 1800's. The reason for building the Palace was that King Rama I felt that he needed a new palace.
Being the founder of the Chakri Dynasty, he ordered the construction to start little did he realize that his Royal home would one day become the most famous landmarks of Thailand and will also be a tourist attraction. Today this Palace not only is the biggest tourist attraction but is also the home to the most spiritual statue that is there in Thailand, which is also considered as the pride of the country. 

Apart from being the tourist attraction, this palace is also a place where the most important ceremonies take place even though it is no longer the home of the Royal family since 1925. The reason why the location was chosen was because in case there was an invasion, it would have been easy to defend and protect the Royal family. The community that had been living in the land on which the Palace has been built was relocated to the present times Chinatown which is on the outskirts of the city.

In the Grand Palace Bangkok history, there are three courts or zones. The Outer court, the middle, and the inner court. While the outer court is accessible to the visitors, parts of the middle court are open while the inner court is totally off the limits of the public. The inner court or zone is only meant for the Royal family and authorized personals of the country. Within the grounds of the Grand Palace, there are more than 100 buildings and each of them holds their own significance and value. 

If you look at the Wat Phra Kaew history, it is an interesting one on its own, it is not just the main and important temple of Bangkok and the country, and however, it is also the cultural heritage of Thailand and is considered the heart of the country. Before the statue could rest finally in the place where it stands today, it was shifted many times and became the reason for many battles that were fought.
This is because it is believed that the statue of Buddha holds a luck element and factor that matters a lot to the country. As per the myth, it is believed that this statue brings in a lot of fortune and good luck to the country and this is the main reason why the Government and Army of Thailand do whatever it takes to protect the Emerald statue of Buddha.

The rules are strict

  When you are inside the grounds of the Grand Palace, there are certain rules and regulations, which have to be followed. Even when you are entering the Temple, you need to ensure that are dressed well. In case you are not, you will not be allowed to enter the Temple. Right on, the doors or gates of the temple stand the fashion police who check the attire before visitors can go in. If it is necessary, you can opt to take the shawls that are available at the entrance to cover yourself up properly. Even when you are inside the temple you are not allowed to go in with shoes, instead, you have to leave them outside and then step in.

A special android and ios app for your tourist guide

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Feel peace in your mind when you step foot into the Jade buddha temple

The Jade Buddha temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok, which has a lot of significance and value to the Thai culture. This is one of the most prominent tourist's spots in Bangkok. This temple is rooted deep in the culture of Thai and is considered one of the luckiest temples for the country. The entire statue of Buddha sitting in the lotus position has been made from one single stone that is either jade or jasper. Word has it that this statue was made the 15th century based on the way the statue was carved. While the meditating posture of Buddha is not very common in Thailand, it is believed that this statue was made somewhere in Indian or Sri Lanka.

Even though this temple may be flocked by tourists every day, the minute you set forth inside, you will find your mind feeling relaxed and peaceful. This will surely help you to unwind from the daily stress you have.  This temple has been known to bestow good luck in the country and its presence matters the most. This is one of the main reasons why there are many rules and regulations, which has to be followed when you are inside the temple. 

While there is a mobile available which is both android and apple compatible for individuals, you also have the benefit of hiring a private tour. While the private tour will cost you much the Bangkok Grand Palace Tour guide app will cost you many times lesser.  You will get to know and understand every small detail. This includes a really nice and informative history about Jade Buddha Bangkok and how it came into existence, the construction of the temple and the meaning behind each statue and scripture there. You will also get to know the meaning of what all has been drawn there. 

For those who are interested in architecture, this temple is ideal for you. It will show you how creative the minds were during the time when there was no advancement of science and technology. You can also get the benefit of listening to some stories through the scriptures that are present, which tells you about the various forms of Buddha and the way he attained enlighten. There are also various drawings, which reflects the Indian epic of Ramayana in the Pali version.

There are different ways to get to the temple, which is located on the grounds of the Grand Palace. You have the choice of going there by water by taking a ferry or by train and bus. If you are planning a tour to the temple, it is necessary to ensure that you maintain the dress code. A person is not allowed to enter the temple if they are not dressed appropriately. Even the shoes play a vital role; this is why it is advisable to ensure that you dress up well. 

The entire tour of the Grand Palace and the temple de jade will take at least half a day, this is the main reason why it is recommended that you do not plan anything out.
Your personal guide in your pocket

Mobile apps have become one of the most convenient things that people can have. Right from obtaining information to even going ahead and getting directions to a place the app is very useful. With the mobile app, everything has become possible there is a special app that has been developed which tells you all you need to know about the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. It would be better to download the app while you are at your hotel or home and enjoy the tour without the internet.

Some of the highlights about this app would include

People who are visiting Thailand and want to find their way in the Bangkok can use this ideal app. The best part about this app is that it will also work offline as well as online which means you do not need to have the internet on all the time. The one thing you may have to keep in mind while you are inside the Grand Palace and Temple is that you may not get mobile connectivity. 

Audio Visual story telling is ideal since you get to hear the beautiful stories through a visual representation of the message that has to be conveyed. It walks you through the entire history of the lace and gives you a virtual tour even before you set forth inside. 

Get to know your way through with this app you do not have to ask directions to anybody, all you have to do is use the app and it will direct you to the Palace and Temple.

The beauty and significance of the Golden Palace

When you are new to a city or country, it is natural that you would use a map to find your way across the city easily. Today thanks to science and technology, the map is no longer restricted to a piece of paper, however; now, it can easily be accessed through our smartphones. If you are in Bangkok, your trip is not complete without stopping by and seeing the pride and cultural heritage of Thailand the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. These two places are the pride of the city and are visited by thousands of tourists every day. To make it easy for you, you can download the Grand Palace map or access it online itself.
The Grand Palace is one of the most special and noted places of Thailand that holds a lot of importance. It is not just a tourist attraction but was once the official home for the Royal family. There are various State functions and Royal ceremonies that still take place in the in the Grand Palace even today. The history of the palace goes back when the construction began in 1782. The Palace almost is rectangular in shape and is located in the Ratanakosin Island right near the Chao Phraya River Bank. 

The beauty of this palace is that even today it holds a lot of importance even though it is no longer the official living quarters for the King and the Royal family. Many efforts are taken to ensure that the cultural richness of the place remains the way it has always been. Even though this Palace may be open for public, however, there are still certain areas, which are not accessible to visitors, and there is a strict rule on this front.
One of the best things about the Grand Palace is that it has still maintained the traditional significance of why it was built in the first place. Another prominent feature about the Palace, which is also noted in the grand palace map Bangkok, is the temple of the Green statue of Buddha, which is known as the Emerald Buddha. This is one of the most important temples in Thailand that holds a lot of significance and importance. It is considered to be the lucky charm of the country and is respected, valued and cherished in the most strict and beautiful way. 

The Government of Thailand and the armed forces do whatever is needed to ensure that the area is safe and secured for all the tourists who come there as well as make it a point to maintain that boundary between what is accessible to the public and what is not. Only the present King of Thailand changes even the Robe of the Emerald Buddha during the onset of the season. This is done during the summers, winters, and rainy seasons with each season having its own robe that is used to dress the statue up. This is done in the traditional way ensuring that all the rituals are followed by the present kind during the time the Robe is changed. 

Travel at ease to the Grand Palace with the Andriod and Apple App

People who are visiting Bangkok can easily find their way to the Grand Palace using the special Grand place map that is designed to make your travel easy. This is an app that is loaded with various features and makes it easy for the user to understand. The best thing about this app is that it can work online as well as offline without any issues. The app contains all the necessary information that you would need in order to get a better insight about the historic and cultural significance and past of the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple. The app has been designed keeping in mind people of all ages. 

Ø  For adults

The app has special features, which makes it easy for adults to understand. This includes a user friendly interface which gives you information of the different ways to get to the beautiful Palace as well as the necessary advise on what can and cannot be done while you inside the gates of the Grand Palace. 

Ø  For Kids

Kids can enjoy the various stories and Pali version of the Ramayana in Pali language, which is the Thai version of the famous Indian Epic Story of Lord Ram. The animations and stories will help them to understand as well as learn something new. 

Ø  Other features of the app

Apart from the stories, history and cultural significance, the app is designed to ensure that a person can select the language of their choice so that it becomes easy for them to understand. Along with that, you also have the benefit of booking package tours, which includes the admission fee of the Grand Palace. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The privilege of seeing the previous home of the Thailand King

If you are in Bangkok, the one place that you need to stop is the Grand Palace. This beautiful, spectacular, and dazzling Palace is also the most famous landmark of the city. In 1782, the construction of the Grand Palace started which was at that time the Royal house of the King of Thailand. In this Palace, a lot of important discussions and talks have taken place. It was also the official building where the entire administration of the government once took place. Within the gates of the Grand Palace lies the most significant and important statue that has brought in a lot of good luck to the country and city. In the Grand Palais map, the area where this particular statue is placed is called the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

When you look at the architecture of the Grand Palace, it will blow your mind as the artisanship and designing sense is just spectacular. It also shows the artisanship and creativity of the Thai people. In the palace, there were separate sections, which is even significant today. You had the war ministry, the mint, and even the various departments of the state when you talk about the heart of the Kingdom of Thailand. This Palace is not just the national landmark but also indeed the heart of the country in every way. 

The Palace is not just the home to the Royal family and Government departments, but it is also the home to the Wat Phra Kaew that is the famously known as the Temple of the Green Emerald. This statue is dated to the 14th century. The reason it is called the Emerald Buddha is not that it is made in Emerald; however, it is because it is the color Green.

 In the Grand palace map, Bangkok you will get to know easily which part of the Palace was used for what purpose. The one thing you will notice about the interiors of the Palace and the Temple is that it is very distinctive in nature. The Palace has a European touch to the design while the Temple has a cultural and ethnic look to it. 

The statue is made from either Jade or Jasper and is done using just one big slab. His Majesty the Kind Of Thailand is the only person who is allowed to go close to the statue to change the robe during the summers, rainy, and winters. In the Buddhist calendar, the days when the robes are being changed is said to be the most important days and rituals. This ritual is said to be auspicious and is done in a ceremonial manner.
They layout is very similar to the Ayutthaya Palaces which was once the capital of Siam. However, the Burmese had raided the place. When you walk into the gates of the palace, you will be mind struck with the beauty of the palace. The outer Palace, which is still the offices for a few of the main departments of Thai Government, was once upon a time the only area where official matters took place. 

This included the treasury, the army, and civil administration. Out of the various throne halls of the Palace, only two of them are open during the weekdays for the public. The rest is not accessible at all for visitors apart from those who are authorized. 

The structures within the Grand Palace Bangkok are known to be spectacular and have a lot of historic significance. The inner court was the home to the King's daughters and royal consorts. This is not open to the public, however once upon a time, it was like a small city within the gates of the Palace, which had small boys and women. Once the boys came to the puberty age, they were shifted to another side of the Palace. 

The Grand place map at your finger tips

One of the best things about being in Bangkok is that you do not need anybody's help to reach to the Palace, this is because of the mobile app that is specially designed s that you do not have to use the help of any local guide while you are exploring Bangkok.

This app is compatible with iOS and Android platforms and has a narrator feature. It gives you genuine and true information that you need to know about the Place and the best part is that even when you are inside the Grand Palace, this app will still work even though you may not have an internet connection when you are inside. 

The app is designed to help you travel back in time and listen to the various stories that took place at that time. It comes with the 3D animation to make the experience more interesting and fun.