Thursday, 28 September 2017

Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand-a place you must visit once in your lifetime

The Grand Palace Bangkok is considered the most sacred and spiritual shrine of the country as the temple of the Green Buddha is situated within the premises. It is the most celebrated landmark with a maximum number of visitors every year and has magnificence which leaves everyone spellbound and awe struck. There is an app available for both apple and android which guides you throughout the Grand Palace Bangkok. Several areas inside the palace are open for public sightseeing, but there are some restricted areas which are not accessible for everyone.

The Outer Court is open for tourists which lead you to the middle court where several government offices are situated along with the mint and war ministry department. The temple of the Emerald Buddha is called Wat Phra Kaeo and it is a must visit place as it is the royal family’s personal chapel with no monks residing inside. You will witness striking architecture of temples inside the Grand Palace.

Are you getting confused already? Don’t worry, you can virtually visit the place in The Grand Palace Bangkok app and use it during the visit to guide you through the exploration. All you have to do is to download the app on your Android or Apple mobile phone and get going. Here are some benefits of the app:
·         It is your personal guide and provides you with images, audios and written information which guide you accurately.  
·         The app has a user-friendly interface and is simple to operate. 
·         It has 3D maps which guide you throughout the palace.
·         The app has nice images which you can share with family and friends.
·         With the list of places inside the app, you don’t miss out any important place.
·         You have all the information about temples, scriptures or other sites at your palm top.
·         It is your travel guide throughout the visit and provides several tips on exploring the place.

The place is guarded by statues of Demonic guards at the entrance and you feel elated viewing the enticing structure. There is a museum inside the palace where you can view several impressive artifacts along with Green Buddha costumes and accessories. Grand Palace Bangkok, Thailand is fascinating and enchanting and you will cherish it in your heart forever.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Visiting Thailand this year? Don’t miss the magnificence of Bangkok Palace

Bangkok is the most visited destination throughout the world and is an amazing city with stunning temples. It is home to the Royal family of Thailand and several majestic monuments built by the Royals’ line the city. However, Bangkok Palace is the most iconic complex of building in Thailand and is a sacred place worshipped by Thai people. An app featuring details of Grand Palace Bangkok is available with nice audios and images. The palace was home to the King’s family about 150 years ago and now it has temples, ministry offices, and Citadel itself, with the amazing architecture of the European era, which is magnificent with intricate carvings. 

Most famous Buddha statues of the world, The Emerald Buddha is placed inside Wat Phra Kaew, which is a temple inside the palace grounds and it is witnessed by thousands of people every day traveling from different countries. To enter the palace you need to dress in with appropriate clothing with no short or revealing clothes. Grand palace dress code is strict and you can get overalls at the entrance gate to cover yourself in case you are wearing short or sleeveless clothes. They provide you proper clothes but you have to provide them your documents which 


Want to know more about the place? Download our application designed for Android and Apple phones which are loaded with awesome features:

·         Lovely photographs of all the sites are present in the app which helps you in locating the place of interest.
·         The app has nice audios, transcripts or other information which will guide you thoroughly throughout your visit.
·         The app works without an internet connection so you will have access to all the info even without a connection.
·         3D Maps of the monuments are loaded in the app helps you in exploring the place nicely. 

Bangkok Palace is accessible during 8.30am to 3.30pm so make sure to plan your visit early morning time and Grand Palace dress code is a must so avoid wearing shorts, skirts, sleeveless dresses or backless tops. Witness the spectacular architecture of the place which will leave you dumbfounded and amazed.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Jain pilgrimage made easier with Palitana Shatrunjay Tour Guide app by Action show

Jain temples on Shatrunjay hills can be visited easily with the help of Palitana Shatrunjay Tour Guide app. As you download the app and start it on your phone, you will see a map of Shatrunjay hill with the temples on it. This app has nice stories of various places along with lovely background music. This app is great to receive information about all the temples on the Shatrunjay Hill, motivates the people to visit Palithana and helps to visit the temple with great ease.

Main temple app

 The Palithana has a large number of Jain Dharamshalas. You can rest after the long day and satisfy your taste buds with delicious Jain food. You can plan your visit in a personalized manner with the help of this app which will instruct you thoroughly throughout your pilgrimage. The app is loaded with awesome features which help you completely in getting around the place in a better way. 


     Jaina palitana

Here are some of the features of the app:

·         The maps in the app guide you to all the temples on the Hill.
·         The app has explanation about each temple and their importance.
·         There are several stories, music and historical information in the app which keeps you informed about the place you are visiting.

·         The app is user-friendly and easy to use.

·         This app is loaded with religious and spiritual pictures which can be shared with your family or friends.
·         The app works offline so no need of internet connection while you are visiting the Shatrunjay Hill.

Jain Dharamshala

If you are planning a visit to Jain temples, then this app is a must-have on your apple or android phones as it is a guide in your pocket which can be personalized according to your requirement. Whether you are looking for Jaina around you or a Jain Dharamshala, you can easily get it in Palitana. Enjoy the Shatrunjay temples with this nice app.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Get familiar with the beautiful temples of Bangkok Grand Palace

This summer, visit Bangkok and meet the different side of the lifestyle. If you are seriously making the plan, then you must visit Wat Arun, Jade Buddha Temple, Grand Palace. Your excitement will not stop here. Go to Wat Phra Kaew that is regarded as the home of Emerald Buddha. The Buddhist has a belief that Thai Emerald brings positivity and wealth where it is placed. The sculpture of Buddha is beautifully crafted by using a single stone of Jade. Emerald and Gold are used for intensifying its look. Established in the Jade Buddha Temple, the structure is about 26 inches tall. It is just spell bound sight.

Jade Buddha Temple

If you want to get single and correct information about Grand Palace Bangkok, then use the Grand Palace Bangkok Tour Guide app, an app that has all the history about the palace. Download the app on Apple and Android and experience the Grand Palace like never before.

Emerald Buddha

 Read some features of the app that can be helpful for you.
        To explore the place better, use the 3D maps. It is installed with the user friendly interface that allows simple accessibility.

        Jade Buddha Temple is a very sacred place. The app helps you to witness every place, avoiding any chance of missing any place. 

        You don’t have to pay money for internet while using it, as it can open without any usage of internet. Thus, it becomes a perfect guide. 

·         It guides you throughout your journey while giving the details through audio and transcripts.
·         The app has a 3D map which assists you while exploring the palace and guides you throughout the palace so you don’t feel lost. 

·         The app has important tips very helpful to know while visiting Grand Palace.

Emerald Thai
Do you know why Emerald Buddha is called as such? This is so because of its green color. Due to widespread belief, the Jade Buddha temple has become a holy place for the tourists. Pack your bag and get ready to fly to Bangkok and witness the rich heritage of this city.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Come to Thailand and witness the amazing Grand Palace

Bangkok is a perfect location for a holiday destination if someone wants to explore the Grand Palace Bangkok. Your trip will become more interesting with Bangkok tour guide app. Designed with a unique idea, it is best for the sight-seeing and gives the information about the interesting facts. If you are looking for the interesting place to visit, then Wat Phra Kaew is the best one. This is counted among the sacred Buddhist Temples and every year visited by many people. When you will enter Wat Phra Kaeo, you will find Emerald Buddha, which is very fascinating. It is regarded as the religious emblem of the Buddhists. 

We are introducing an app for your Android and Apple to get the maps and additional information without using the internet. Aren’t that sounds amazing? If you are using this, you can get the access to the user interface that helps in showing the maps and locations effortlessly. You can clearly see the map without any disturbance and helps you in exploring the maps. Feel free that you won’t get lost while using this app. While using Bangkok tour guide app you will find pleasant audio together with transcripts that make your journey even more interesting. 

The temple is situated in the Phra Nakhon district and its main building has the central Phra Ubosot. It is the place where Buddha is situated. The Buddhist has the belief that Emerald Buddha brings prosperity wherever he resides. The people consider it as their protector and respect it deeply. 

While entering the temple, it must be noted that your body should be fully cover as there is strict dress code. You can’t even wear slippers inside. Be there to feel the peace over there. You will surely lose in the beauty of Wat Phra Kaeo.