Monday, 8 August 2016

Launch Tour Guide for Museums, Travel and Audio Tour Guide App – ActionShowapp

Now-a-days, everything can be accessed through a smart phone, and that is why more and more businesses have started using apps to provide better service and get more business. The tourism industry is also making the most of the mobile platform in two ways- mobile friendly websites or apps that can be installed in the phone. The benefits that a downloadable app can bring to your tourism business are immense. While the websites are just made to look a little better on cell phones with no great difference, an app appears as an icon on the screen of the handheld device and has a more personalized approach towards the user. 

Action show App is a great tour guide app platform that can be customized easily to impart a great experience to the visitors whether it is a museum, garden, theme park, landscape or aquarium.
Touring a city on foot is much more complex than tours that cover a particular tourist attraction. A walking tour covers large area and includes plenty of tourist spots. Most people on such city tours are first timers and look forward to see and learn everything they can. This is possible with a walking tour app that is customized to meet these expectations of the visitors. The main content of such a walking tour app are maps and signage that are meant to guide the tourists from one place to another and even put them on the right track should they deviate. Action show App does all this wonderfully with the help of GPS.

GPS technology uses satellite tracking that can locate both the smart phone as well as the tourist spot. The walking tour app comes loaded with GPS enabled maps where each and every point worth the interest of the tourists is reflected. When a tourist reaches close to an attraction, the satellite is activated and this automatically starts the audio. They can then move from one spot to the next easily without being lost or deviated. 

No matter how big the location is, Action show App can help you impart memorable experience to your visitors. You can have inbuilt  Google maps powered by GPS, auto tour play and error free satellite tracking, all tailor-made according to your museum, park, landscape or any other attraction. If you desire interesting features like historical facts and cool trivia attached to the place, they can also be included. Action shows App helps you build the ultimate walking tour app to help and attract tourists.