Friday, 6 May 2016

Gone are the days of bus drivers doubling up as tour guides !

Remember sitting in tour bus and the driver tells the story as he drives around the city. While, it is a good idea for a bus tour company to save on hiring a separate tour guide, there are a lot of challenges with driver telling the story. The new mobile app technology now offers tour guide apps so that each visitor can download the app on their mobile and have a pocket tour guide in their own hand. No dependency on the driver:

1.    Splitting attention between driving and storytelling
2.    Driver training, accuracy of story
3.    Driver motivation, mood and sense of humor
4.    Not able to take the story home
5.    Supporting foreign languages

The mobile tour guide apps are bringing a revolution to the travel industry. There is no need for driving guide tours or driver to double up as a tour guide any more. The visitors download the tour guide apps on their own smartphone and use them as tour guides and a lot more. They offer features such as:

1.    Fully engaging tour stories in multimedia - audio, video, pictures and script.
2.    Map showing visitor’s own location and a guided path.
3.    Markers for all interesting points of interest.
4.    Fully accurate, up-to-date tour stories in visitors own language
5.    Offering hop-off walking tours in addition to the primary bus tour
6.    Ability to share the story on social media and at last, take the story home

With all these features and ability to take the story home, drivers doubling up as tour guides do not make sense any more. No wonder, gone are the days of driver doing tour guides role.

Author: Ushma Shah is a founder of Action Data Systems, developer of Action tour apps on smartphones. Action Data Systems is headquartered​​​ in Barrington, Rhode Island with a regional office in Mumbai India. Action​ ​​Data Systems ​helps museums, attractions and bus tour operators to create Apple and Android tour guide apps to increase tourist engagement, improve ratings & reviews and generate new revenue from mobile e​-​commerce. For more information, please visit